Angry Mills Protein Peanut Spread

$ 12.34 $ 9.99
4 TBSP = Meal2 TBSP w/FC Bread = Meal2 TBSP = Snack1 TBSP w/FC Bread = Snack DETAILS Protein Infused Peanut Spread. Non-GMO, Low Sodium, Whey Protein Isolate. WARNINGS Allergen Warning: Contain...

Buff Bake Protein Peanut Butter

$ 13.99 $ 12.99
3 TBSP only = Meal 2 TBSP w/FC = Meal 1 TBSP w/FC slice = Snack DETAILS Lower in sugar than other peanut butters. Much higher protein resulting in feeling fuller longer and higher thermic effect...


$ 17.99
Category: Lean Protein (LP/FC), Meal Replacement (MR) or SnackServing Size:  Lean Protein = 2 Scoops w/water or Approved Milk as a base Meal Replacement = 2 Scoops w/water or Approved Milk as a...

Fit Crunch Meal Replacement Bars

$ 2.99
These new bars by Chef Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible fame are awesome. These six layer baked bars contain only 6g of sugar and a proprietary 4-Source Protein Blend: Whey Protein Isolate...
Hemp Seeds
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Hemp Seeds

$ 1.99
Hemp Seed Uses 1 TBSP = Condiment 3-4 TBSP = Snack 5-6 TBSP = Meal 


$ 13.00 $ 4.39
You can have this oatmeal all by iteself. No need to combine it with LP+FC's! There are 7 packets per container. Make the oatmeal with water or an approved milk for a filling meal or snack.  2 p...

Oh Yeah Meal Replacement Bars - Achieve's Top Selling Bar

$ 3.49 $ 2.99
Details Oh Yeah bars are our top-selling bars. They are the favorite bar of many Achievers! They are high in protein (30g) with no Trans fats. They will fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth...

Oh Yeah One (Box of 12)

$ 34.95 $ 26.99
1 Bar = Meal 12 Meals to a box! DETAILS These bars are "Excellent" on the Fat Burn meter! They have only 1 gram of sugar per bar plus 20 grams of protein. Certified Gluten Free.  WARNINGS Contai...

P28 Bagels

$ 8.95
1 Bagel = Meal 1/2 Wrap with toppings (like a pizza) = Meal You don't have to give up Bagels or flats while you are burning fat! Each bagel or flats is a complete meal. They are 100% Natural, 10...